Wicked Queer Announces 40th Festival Films


Wicked Queer, a project of the Queer Film Institute, announces the films for the Wicked Queer: 40 Film Festival.

Since 1984, Wicked Queer has been creating queer spaces and unapologetically telling our stories. WQ:40 will continue this tradition by showcasing the power, the histories, and the joy of the global Queer community.

April 5 -14, 2024 in person, with virtual encores starting April 15 through the rest of April.

The festival will screen at the following venues. All virutal encores will be available to view on our Eventive channel.

The Opening Night features will be Febrero from director Hansel Porras Garcia at 6:30PM and Nowhere from director Gregg Araki at 9:00PM both screen at the Brattle Theatre.

The Closing Night selections, Transexuals from Space from director Brina Healy and The Devil Queen (A Rainha Diaba) from director Antonio Carlos da Fontoura will screen at the Brattle Theatre on November 20 at 6:30PM and 9PM respectively.

The full schedule will be available at wickedqueer.org.

Feature Films

  • Febrero (USA) - dir. Hansel Porras Garcia
  • BAM! (USA) - dir. Jordan Tragash
  • Avant-drag! (Greece) - dir. Fil Ieropoulos
  • The Summer with Carmen (Greece) - dir. Zacharias Mavroeidis
  • The Queen of My Dreams (Canada) - dir. Fawzia Mirza
  • T Blockers (Australia) - dir. Alice Maio Mackay
  • Throuple (USA) - dir. Greyson Horst
  • Desire Lines (USA) - dir. Jules Rosskam
  • Saint Drogo (USA) - dirs. Michael J Ahern, Ryan Miller, Brandon Perras-Sanchez
  • Leon (Argentina) - dirs. Andi Nachón & Papu Curotto
  • Elda and the Monsters (Argentina) - dir. Nicolás Herzog
  • Blue Sunshine (India) - dir. Samyuktha Vijayan
  • Chuck Chuck Baby (UK) - dir. Janis Pugh
  • Egoist (Japan) - dir. Daishi Matsunaga
  • Girls Don't Cry (Italy) dir. Andrea Zuliani
  • Close to You (Canada) - dir. Dominic Savage
  • The Judgement (Egypt/Lebanon/United States) - dir. Marwan Mokbel
  • Queen Tut (Canada) - dir. Reem Morsi
  • Turtles (Belgium/Canada) - dir. David Lambert
  • Peafowl (South Korea) - dir. Sungbin BYUN
  • Transexuals from Space (USA) - dir. Brina Healy

    Documentary Films

  • Lesvia (Greece) - dir. Tzeli Hadjidimitriou
  • I Will Be There Every Single Night (Brazil) - dirs. Suellen Vasconcelos & Tati Franklin
  • Mad About The Boy: The Noel Coward Story (UK) - dir. Barnaby Thompson

    Shorts Programs

  • PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER: Reel Queer Stories
  • (Trans)portation: Transgender Stories
  • QBIPOCS: The B(r)attle for Inclusion
  • Drag the World
  • Emergence: Queer Asian Stories
  • Women's Shorts: Encounters of the 3rd Degree
  • World's shorts: Cinematic Journeys Beyond Borders
  • THREADS: Queer Experimental Shorts
  • Menergy
  • Our Future Filmmakers
  • Short & Sweet Chuckles: A Comedy Reel Delight
  • Stories from MENA and the Diaspora
  • LatinX: Forever Young
  • "GTFO"

    Throwback Screenings

  • Nowhere (France/USA, 1997) - dir. Gregg Araki
  • Gay USA (USA, 1977) - dir. Arthur J. Bressan, Jr.
  • Tongues Untied (USA, 1989) - dir. Marlon Riggs
  • Fire (Canada/India, 1996) - dir. Deepa Mehta
  • When Night is Falling (Canada, 1995) - dir. Patricia Rozema
  • Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers (USA, 1972) - dir. Robert Kaplin
  • The Devil Queen / A Rainha Diaba (Brazil, 1974) - dir. Antonio Carlos da Fontoura

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