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Why We're Thirsty for the Above Average Podcaster Joe Santagato

Timothy Rawles READ TIME: 4 MIN.

Sometimes a thirst trap is more about a vibe rather than the ubiquitous shirtless selfie. Podcaster and YouTube creator Joseph Santagato is a perfect example of that.

It appears that he has become a bit of an obsession on gay social media over the years. Joe isn't gay but he is a huge ally for the community. He famously used his platform in 2015 to speak out against bigots after same-sex marriage was legalized in America.
"Seriously, if you're actively protesting gay marriage, you need a hobby," he says in a video, "Finally shit makes sense. People are allowed to marry who they want to marry."

Joe is from Astoria, Queens. He's 31 and not only a popular podcaster but a board game entrepreneur. He introduced the dental cheek retractor game on his YouTube channel, in which people try to guess what someone with a mouthpiece in their kisser is saying. He also created a game where a player puts on headphones and tries to lip-read familiar phrases spoken by another player. He worked with Hasbro to bring those party games into the mainstream marketplace.

So, what makes Joe so appealing? We can't put our finger on it, but we'll try.

First his sense of humor. His breezy banter with co-host Frank can sometimes make him seem like a lummox but he's got enough Everyman energy so it's always endearing.

Also, Joe is cute. He's got beautiful hazel eyes and a perpetual smile. He's gained a few pounds over the years but that only adds to his allure. He's not a supermodel, he's more like that cute dude next door who blares Mary J Blige, wears backward ball caps, and never misses Wordle.

We have gathered some of his best photos on social media to show you what we mean about his attractiveness. Gay or straight, we'll leave it to you to decide the nature of his magnetism.

Last year Joe went to Greece. On his last day, he was suffering from the flu. He looks a little flushed in this picture, but then again it could be just the golden glow of the Mediterranean sun. Since Greece is a seismically active country, he may have experienced a few small earthquakes during his visit. But it was earlier this month when a small temblor struck his home state of New Jersey that got his attention, "BRO EARTHQUAKE?!" he said on social media.

In this now two-year-old pic, Joe is looking fit. But he also looks a little angry because he is getting his egg whites from a carton. If you are curious about his t-shirt it reads "Marbella." It's a beachside resort in the southern region of Spain. It's known for its nightclubs, architecture and swimming.

Here is an example of why Joe is endearing. A lot is going on in this clip. First, it's a story about vaccines making kids autistic and that being autistic doesn't mean they will be gay. That leads into a story about Joe's non-English speaking autistic childhood friend who drew a meticulous eyewitness picture of another friend being killed by a car.

With a stogie in his mouth and espresso martini in hand, Joe is giving off serious daddy vibes during his trip to Portugal. He captions this photo with "boa noite," which means "good evening" in Portuguese. The country is experiencing a resurgence in the popularity of hand-rolled cigars. It had a thriving tobacco market in the 15th century and their cigars were traded all over the world. The espresso martini on the other hand, is a more recent invention that can be traced back to the 1980s by a British bartender named Dick Bradsell.

Here is an example of the banter Joe and his co-host Frank have on their podcasts. It is a jovial debate about burping and if either gas or air is expelled. Even though the answer is technically both, the comedic volley is just another reason why Joe is such a great online personality. Yes he is a handsome guy but sometimes his naivety is even more adorable.

Meanwhile, back in South America, Joe is enjoying a glass of white wine in the pool, this time in the Douro Valley in Portugal. Since this location was historically of no military interest, visitors won't find castles or other architectural strongholds along the river. Instead, the landscape is terraced and festooned with grapevines that produce the region's famous port wine. It looks like Joe is living the high life away from his production studio with a little R&R.

Joe is looking pretty mature in his black zippered V-neck, gold bracelet, and ring on his index finger. After 14 years of making content Joe has become an internet celebrity who everybody seems to crush on. For as many female comments on his social media posts, there are a lot from his gay male fans too. He seems like a nice person who may fall into a "Bruh" stereotype. But based on what we have seen his commitment to inclusivity, his active support of the LGBTQ+ community, and his effortless approachability make this above-average Joe a sex symbol for everyone.

by Timothy Rawles

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